Colares lindos que parecem que são a gola da bulsa :)

love studded collared shirts---especially peter pan collars. so sweet and feminine

Today's post was a request from a lovely lady who lives in Sri Lanka. She has really embraced pattern drafting and is so excited about the process. She sent a picture to me of the drop shoulder sleeve

Drafting The Mandarin Collar (Rhonda's Creative Life)

This is a mandarin collar. Mandarin collars stand up but are shorter than average stand up collars and have a small slit in the middle of the collar. Sometimes they will have a button closure.

I kind of feel like the first thing i want to say is…     Something i hear over and over from people is their trepidation about pattern alterations. Especially bust adjustments – they seem so mysterious and potentially complicated. But they’re not! Please don’t worry, it’s not beyond your ability! Honest. So, what is …

how to do a full bust adjustment (FBA

how to do a full bust adjustment (FBA) — megan nielsen design diary - DiMagio

RSN Goldwork Day 7(home work):Grapes

RSN Goldwork Day work):Grapes - The Unbroken Thread