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Microbiology Study Guides

Here is a small number of study guides that I made for a Microbiology class that I took in fall 2011. There weren't as many study guides for this particular class because I had several other classes that semester which required a lot more attention (*cough* Orgo II *cough*). Even so, these outline some basic…

Antibiotic sensitivity tests for gram positive cocci mnemonic

Hello there! This is a short post on mnemonic for antibiotic sensitivity tests for gram positive cocci. What is antibiotic sensitivity? Susceptibility of bacteria to antibiotics. If a bacteria is susceptible or sensitive to a particular drug, it means the drug can be used to kill it or inhibit it. What is Antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST)? It is used to determine which antibiotic will be most successful in treating a bacterial infection in vivo. It basically evaluates how much of a…

Normal Pap Smear

Normal cells of the cervix consist basically of squamous, glandular, and metaplastic epithelial cells. The squamous cells line the ectocervix (outer portion) as well as the vagina, and the glandular cells line the endocervix (the inner portion). Squamous metaplastic cells originate from the transformation zone of the cervix where the inner (endocervix) and outer (ectocervix) meet. In order for the cell sample to be satisfactory, endocervical or metaplastic cells must be present as most…


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Bacillus cereus. Leifson flagella stain.spore-forming, Gram-positive, anaerobic bacterium associated with food poisoning in humans.either a toxin that causes vomiting or one that causes diarrhea.

Bacillus cereus - eXtension

Bacillus species are gram-positive, aerobic, ubiquitous bacteria characterized by their ability to form resistant spore coats. About 48...