Video shorts from the MY RIG Adventures YouTube channel.
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Caravan Interior Pack-down Checklist
Here are the essential items you need to remember when packing down the interior of your caravan before hitting the road. You may even have some extra items you could add to your list. FULL VID on YouTube (click on the link). ⛺️ - PIN IT For Later -
Caravan Tow Vehicle Checklist ✅
Before hitting the road, make sure your caravan tow vehicle is ready to roll with this handy pre-travel checklist. ⛺️ >PIN IT For Later<
How to Use a BBQARM (Caravan & Camping Table)
Using a swing-away BBQARM is easy as and only takes a minute to set-up. It's perfect to use as a happy hour table, work bench, BBQ table or anything else you like while caravanning and camping. ⛺️ FULL VID - YouTube
Caravan Hack: Shower Door Magnets
Adding magnetic strips to your shower door & the door frame is handy for keeping the shower door closed when you're camped on an angle. It's also good as a back-up if you forget to lock the shower door in before travel - the magnets will catch it and stop it from banging open and closed the whole time. ⛺️ FULL VID (with more hacks) - YouTube
Is It Legal to Travel Inside a Moving Caravan? 🫨
Here's a look at the aftermath of just one drawer that forgot to be locked in during the travels of a caravan. Travelling inside a moving caravan (for people and animals) is way too dangerous. ⛺️ FULL VID - YouTube
How to Change a Caravan/ RV Anode (Hot Water Heater)
Changing the sacrificial anode in your caravan or RV hot water heater is simple enough with a few tools. It should be done at least every 12 months to keep your hot water system in good condition. ⛺️ FULL VID - YouTube
Filling Water Tanks While Camping Off-grid
Refilling your caravan or RV water tanks while camping off-grid (without moving your set-up) is easy with a 12-volt water pump and a bladder that goes in the car. ⛺️ FULL VID - YouTube
How to Install a Caravan Awning Clothesline
Having a permanent clothesline to the caravan awning is the lightest and most convenient way to dry your washing on the road. Installation takes under an hour and will cost around $30 to do it yourself. ⛺️ FULL VID - YouTube
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Video shorts from the MY RIG Adventures YouTube channel.
Caravan Underbody Hacks
Two handy caravan underbody hacks. Make a single connector for your grey water outlet hoses to simplify set-up and pack-down. Plus, insulate all pipes underneath the van to stop them from cracking and leaking on the road. ⛺️ FULL VID - YouTube