Michigan Festivals and Events

Michigan Festivals & Events - Find out about the best festivals in Michigan, annual events in Michigan, and other things like parades, fairs, and more!
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Michigan Festivals & Events
Michigan Festivals and Events
the holiday festival in michigan is coming to town and it's on christmas day
Holiday Festivities in Michigan | Around Michigan
Michigan's holiday festivities are in full swing. Check out our picks for the best holiday festivals and events around Michigan.
Tulip Time Festival - Holland, Michigan
Welcome to the world famous Tulip Time Festival in Holland, Michigan. Come along with us as we cruise down Tulip Lane and stroll through the tulip fields on Windmill Island. Every year the city of Holland plants over 5 MILLION tulips! Trust me, you don't want to miss it! #PureMichigan #TulipTime #TulipFields #MichiganFestivals
an outdoor sculpture with the words unique, strange and odd festivals to see in michigan
Fun adventures visiting Michigan's unique and fun festivals
tulip time bucket list what to see and do at the festival in holland, michigan
Holland Tulip Time Festival Bucket List - This Michigan Life
Tulip Time Festival Holland Michigan