Building A Great Life

"Entrepreneurship is not about building a great business it's…

She Let Go - GapingVoid

“If you’re unhappy, nine times out of ten it’s because you’re clin­ging onto something. Nine times out of ten, hap­pi­ness and let­ting go are synonymous.

gapingvoid, love this one!

Substitute the word "donor" for "client." A thank you is a hug in an envelope.

Great Ideas | gapingvoid art

Great Ideas | gapingvoid art


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Do You Know Who I Am - gapingvoid art

from Gapingvoid, the leaders in workplace culture consulting and making work more meaningful!

We Rock | gapingvoid art

"By the second bottle we had solved ALL the world's problems.

Empower or Leave

“And if you can convince them that your goals and their goals are one and the same”

I Can Live For Days On Just A Little Gratitude

“The realization that everything we have is random, that everything is a gift, is what leads to gratitude.

Positive Thoughts

“standing with your chest open, holding your head up while you walk — can make you a different person”