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🔥 The bizarre looking Maned Wolf 🔥

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Loup à crinière

LOUP À CRINIÈRE Chrysocyon brachyurus C’est le plus grand canidé d’Amérique du Sud ! Grâce à ses longues pattes, il est capable de voir au dessus des hautes herbes de la pampa. POIDS : 23 kg ALIMENTATION : Fruits, lapins, souris, oiseaux MENACES : Dégradation de l’habitat (pour l’agriculture intensive) LISTE ROUGE : Quasi menacé ECO-GESTE : Il est préférable de consommer

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I hit you with paw by jaffa-tamarin on DeviantArt

Maned Wolves, Los Angeles Zoo You try and reach out to someone when they're having a bad day, and all they do is whack you in the chest with their paw. ... I hit you with paw

Maned Wolf - Chrysocyon brachyurus

The Maned Wolf Chrysocyon brachyurus. Social behavior, habitat, breeding, and endangerment of the Maned Wolf

Maned Wolf

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Maned wolf standing in the sun

One of the maned wolves standing in a nice afternoon light...

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