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The Coaching Zone on Twitter: "7v5 to 11v7 Positional Possession 🎥⚽️ @TacticalPad… " Red Team, Drills, Twitter Sign Up, Things That Bounce, Coaching, Soccer, Exercises, Football Soccer, Training

The Coaching Zone on Twitter

The Coaching Zone on Twitter: "7v5 to 11v7 Positional Possession 🎥⚽️ @TacticalPad… "

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Ricky Davey on Twitter

“Triangle Passing Pattern -Lots Of Communication -Weight Of Pass & Set -Play Lead/Correct Foot -Movement To Receive -Movement After Ball Is Played @TacticalPad @tacticalpedia https://t.co/iidLwtMJe3”

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Moritz Kossmann on Twitter

“Training Idea 4v2 into 6v6 Yellow start with the ball in the 4v2 rondo They must look to exit on the ground (with a pass or dribble) Thereafter they attack the big goal, Red counter to the mini-goals (the two on top in the 4v2, or all of them in 6v6)”

ɴᴜʀᴜʟʟᴀʜ ᴀᴋɢᴜɴ on Twitter

“@UEFA C Licence Phase I completed with the nice coaches are @DougieAnderso12 and @ritchiewils yesterday. Thanks a lot to @ScottishFA and @ScottishFA's regional members for this opportunity in this term. #ScottishFACoachEd”

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Keepitonthedeck on Twitter

“One touch control game as seen at AC Milan academy training. Ball can't stop, all players have to have one touch before the ball is returned! ⚖⚖⚖ Want more ideas? Smarter Footballer Sessions for just €10. DOWNLOAD VIA ⬇ ⬇ https://t.co/43uWftRdoQ https://t.co/nOxk4naWBH”

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Moritz Kossmann on Twitter

“Training Idea 4v2 into 8v9 attacking Yellow start the game in a 4v2, their goalkeeper in possession From there they look to progress the ball into the opponent half on the ground The outside players can enter the game at anytime, this triggers the red defenders behind them”

Ricky Davey on Twitter

“Build Up - Back 3/Patterns To Goal -Based Off Celtic Rondo -Angles & Distances -Recognize Overloads Midfield -Quick Decisions On Ball -Manipulate Opp Setup -Speed Of Ball Movement @TacticalPad @tacticalpedia https://t.co/K5GIa6Muye”

Tiffany Weimer on Twitter

“Slip Pass for a Shot 🔸7, 11 dribble at players on 18 🔸9, 10 check to draw defender 🔸Slip pass w focus on timing & weight of pass ♦️Be picky on players calling for the ball, the movements before receiving, staying onside ♦️Weight of pass determined by speed of dribble https://t.co/vgTReCexAc”

Moritz Kossmann on Twitter

“Training Idea 5v5+2 with the inside of the field divided into 3 vertical channels. Blue attack the goals at the top, Green the ones at the bottom. The neutral players can be used to support the initial build up, or for deep combinations to lay off towards the goals”

Coaches Plan on Twitter: "Passing Combo Drill by Rangers FC ⚽️ Follow for more drills and content! 📲 @TacticalPad… "

Coaches Plan on Twitter

Coaches Plan on Twitter: "Passing Combo Drill by Rangers FC ⚽️ Follow for more drills and content! 📲 @TacticalPad… "

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Artur Jòzkowicz on Twitter

“Final block of the UEFA B complete. Great experience,highly recommend for all coaches. Thank you to the @FAICoachEd for making everything work. All tutors, guest speakers & educators were top class. Theory complete, looking forward now to the practical. #UEFA #FAI #CoachEducation”

Ricky Davey on Twitter

“4v1x4 Rondo -Awareness & Movement Off Ball -Move Ball Quick & Clean -Side Players - 2 Touch -Scan Both Grids/Options For Both -Body Shape & Support Angles -Good Energy/First Session Activity @TacticalPad @tacticalpedia https://t.co/pqGWuwHj4u”

Ricky Davey on Twitter

“3v2 W/ Functional Finishing -Unopposed Finish -Pick Corners/Focus On Prep -Transition Role Quickly -Awareness Of Position -Good 1st/2nd Def Habits -Limit Easy Chances @TacticalPad @tacticalpedia https://t.co/TWpTqtWAAC”

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Dario Grabusic on Twitter

“Atletico Madrid - activation, technical drills and finishing ⚽️🇪🇸 #AtleticoMadrid #football #soccer #coach #Training https://t.co/FT6UFiTPrD”