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Coconut fried rice | Coconut fried rice | By Joyful Cook | Hello everyone, welcome back. Today I share this coconut fried rice recipe. So keep watching, let's do this. To begin I'm going to season some shrimps with some garlic and ginger paste. I'm also going to add some parsley paste and some seasoning. Now stir this around and set it aside. Over here I have some shredded chicken thighs. I have also added some garlic and ginger paste and some parsley paste. Next add a bit of seasoning, stir and set it aside as well. So to begin I'll add some coconut oil into a pot. Once it melts, I'll go ahead and add the washed rice. I have washed this rice thoroughly with salt and warm water until the water run clear. This point I'll keep stirring and toasting the rice for five to 7 minutes. This stage will help your fried rice not go bad on time. So 7 minutes later, I'll add some chicken stock and some homemade coconut milk. I'll leave a link in the comment section on how to make your own coconut milk at home. I have also added a bit of salt, stir this around, cover and let it cook. So at this point I check on the rice, give it a quick fluff and it is ready. You don't want your rice to be too soft. Yes, so take it off the heat when it's about 80% cooked. In another pan, I'm going to heat up a little bit more coconut oil. Next I'm going to fry the shrimps for about a minute 30 seconds on each side. Once it is ready, I'll scoop it out and set it aside. Next add the chicken and fry as well until it is done. This shouldn't take you more than five to 7 minutes. Feel free to use chicken breast if you prefer or use liver. In fact, whatever protein you prefer, use it. Next I'm going to fry the veggies, I have added a little bit of coconut oil to that same pan. Next I'll add some chopped onions, some grated garlic and ginger and some scotch bane pepper. Now fry this for about a minute. At this point I'll add some green bell pepper, some peas and some green beans. Next season with some seasoning cubes and some white pepper. White pepper and ginger takes your fried rice from a zero to one00 so always add it. So I sauteed this for 3 minutes. Next I am going to add the carrot. I like to add the carrot last because I want it to still be crunchy after cooking. I also added the chicken, the shrimps and some sweet corn at this point and sauteed for another 2 minutes. So now everything is done, I am going to scoop out some of these veggies, leave some in a pan, add some rice and stir fry until everything is well combined. You want to repeat the process until everything is done. I wish you could perceive the aroma that came from this you guys. It was news blinding. Send me your pictures when you get to try this out and I hope you enjoy. See you in my next one. Bye.
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