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the good, the bad and the ugly poster on a bulletin board with instructions for students to use
10 Activities for Teaching Historical Perspective
10 Activities for Teaching Historical Perspective
a poster with an image of two people and the words qr codes for teaching the american revolution
American Revolution Resources
American Revolution - Books - QR Codes - Web Resources - Lucy Calkins - 4th Grade - 5th Grade - A Trendy Teacher
a map of the united states with numbers in each state and their location on it
North and South Map - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!
the united states in time map with all its major cities and their names on it
Family Tree Magazine | Build Your Family Tree with Genealogy
Timeline map of when the United States acquired major territories, from Family Tree Magazine.
the american revolution by the numbers infographical poster - click to enlarge
American Revolution Infographic | #myfreedommyfamily
the map shows where north and south states are divided in red, white, and blue
Civil War Graphic Organizer
an old wanted poster with two men
Benedict Arnold: Hero or Villain? Mini-Poster
History tends to judge our past leaders as extremes: Abraham Lincoln was an American hero! Benedict Arnold was a traitor! As teachers, it’s tempting at times to present a world as black and white to our students: good or evil, friend or foe, hero or villain. Use this Benedict Arnold mini-poster to help students take off the rose-colored glasses and see beyond the established historical narratives and into the real world of gray. ©2016. 11 x 17 inches. Cardstock.
an image of two men in uniforms that are on the same page as they appear in this article
An image of the uniforms of the American Revolution. | #myfreedommyfamily
the mayflower and her passengers by cale h johnson, illustrated by william j johnson
A great site for Mayflower history and an informative list of the passengers!
the midnight ride map shows where to go
Paul Revere's Ride Online Research Model
an info sheet describing the different types of ships in the ocean and how they are used to
an old poster shows people standing in different positions and sizes, with the words'the mayflower passengers'above them
mayflower passengers those who made it to the first Thanksgiving in 1621
the three fifths explanation is shown in this graphic above it's caption
three-fifths compromise
an old cartoon shows women serving themselves from trays to the ceiling, with words written on them
Mercantilism illustration