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a large white and red flower hanging from the side of a tall plant in a garden
an alien woman with flowers in her hair
a painting of a man's face surrounded by leaves and berries
The Green Man At Christmas
an image of flowers that are in the grass with mountains in the backgroud
two white orchids with purple centers in the jungle
Rare Takka Chantrieri Seeds ~ Black Bat Flower ~ Black Lily ~ Bat ~ Devil's Flower ~ Exotic Flower ~ Unusual Flowers
The Black Bat Flower (Tacca chantrieri) is a rare and unusual plant that blooms during October and November. One word best describes it: WOW! These flowers will stop you in your tracks! Tacca chantrieri is a beautiful and very exotic tropical plant oddly related to yams. The flower is dark purple to black and up to 10 inches across with long whisker like constructions that drape down from the flower sometimes as long as the plant is tall. The leaves are paddle shaped and pleated. It prefers shad
pink and white flowers are growing on the plant
Corkscrew Flower (Cochliasanthus caracalla)
Corkscrew Flower (Vigna caracalla) Impressive and intense describes the highly fragrant, white to pink-purple flowers of this twining climber. Its snail-shell blooms form in tight clusters, in late summer to early fall, perfuming the air for those that dare.