Poetry and Figurative Language

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green is the taste of freshing and hard serve mint ice cream on a card
Paint Chip Poetry
Fabulous in Fifth!: Paint Chip Poetry
some paper on top of a wooden table with words written in different languages and colors
Collaborative Poetry: Bring Students' Voices Together Through Group Writing
Incorporate opportunities for collaborative writing in your classroom by using collaborative poetry. Students will first write individually from a character's perspective and then work together as a group to create a communal piece of writing.
a printable worksheet for children to practice their self - portrait and write the words
FREE Printable Simile Poetry Worksheet
a book cover with colorful crayons and the words color poem, exploring metaphors and smiles
Explore Metaphors and Similes with Color Poems
Classroom Freebies Too: Explore Metaphors and Similes with Color Poems
an info sheet describing the different types of speech and how they are used to describe them
a poster with the words, daily warm - ups and two worksheets