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two pairs of gold tone earrings with cut out leaves on the front and back of each ear
Angela Cummings - 1985 Lily Pad Modernist Gold, 18K Gold, Yellow Gold
Minimal, Art, London, Art Nouveau, Diamond Brooch, Antique Jewellery, Fine Antique Jewelry, Diamond Cufflink
1stdibs - Antique Russian Butterfly Brooch Art Nouveau Emerald Gold, Yellow Gold
Men Watches, Sport Watches, Rolex Men, Rolex Submariner, Rolex Submariner No Date, Men Watch, Rolex Watches, Rolex Diamond Watch, Buy Rolex
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner, 126613ln
Jewellery, Pearls, Ideas, Brooch, Florence, Rose Gold, Gold Necklace, Jewels, Jewelry
Victorian 14 Karat Rose Gold Seed Pearl And Enamel Sword Jabot Pin
a white gold ring with an oval cut black diamond surrounded by small round brilliant diamonds
Dgi - 2.05 Carat Black 14 Karat Ring Modern White Diamond,black Diamond 14K Gold, White Gold
Vintage, Diamond Pendant Sets, Diamond Pendant Necklace, Diamond Drop Necklace, Diamond Necklace Set, Diamond Necklace, Diamond Statement Necklace
Diamond Scene - 150 Carat Diamonds Drop Necklace Diamond,white Diamond Platinum
a gold ring with two diamonds on it
Cartier - Love 18 Karat 1 Wedding Band Ring Modern Diamond 18K Gold, Rose Gold
the sideboard is made out of wood and metal
Dooq Sideboard - Buffet Doors Berlin Olive Portuguese Bauhaus Brass, Walnut, Plywood
Vintage Fashion, Couture, Salvador, Salvador Dali, 1950s, Dali City, Design
Surrealist Scarf Designed by Salvador Dali. 1957.