In Loving Memory

To those I've lost please know this. I will always love you.
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a christmas card saying dear god i need a flavor please put a kiss on my mother's cheek and tell her it's from me
a poem that reads, in memory of my mother i wish i could be with you one last time
a tree with the words i miss you in red and black, on top of it
Mama, I just miss you
a quote that says i have an angel watching over me, she is my mom
two hands holding each other with the words mom on it and an image of someone's hand
the older i get, the more i realizing that my mom was the best friend i ever had
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a quote with flowers on it that says mom, my mind still talks to you
a red balloon floating in the sky with a quote on it that reads, heaven is a beautiful place because they have my mom and dad
three purple flowers with the words my mom written on them in front of black background
Happy Mother's Day to my mom & your mom resting in Heaven...
a memorial stone with the words have you a dog in heaven, lord? is there room for just one more? cause my little dog died today and will be waiting at your door
Kay Berry A Dog in Heaven Personalized Pet Headstone
a lamp sitting on top of a table next to a bed
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