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El hielo en flor, Los Alpes, Italia.

Snow blossoms on river rocks ~ Valley of Ice Flowers - Alessandro Zocchi "This is one of the coldest valleys in the Italian Dolomites. Sun never reaches the bottom in winter and nature can have its fun here creating spectacular ice formations.

Herto Bouri Formations, The Great Rift Valley, Ethiopia. The Great Rift Valley stretches over 9,600kms from Turkey to Mozambique. In East Africa this giant crack has made a valley with length of 6,000kms with volcanoes, natural hot springs and elongated lakes in the Great Rift Valley that threaten eventually to split Africa apart. The valley passes through Ethiopia at the northern end and opens into the famous Dankill Depression 116 meters below sea level and one of hottest places on the…

(by Carsten Peter) Danakil Depression, Ethiopia “ Disks of travertine, a calcium-rich deposit, ring a hot spring in Ethiopia’s Danakil Depression. Afar tribeswomen extract water from this forbidding landscape by building small stone towers over the.