La Escuela de Fotografía Motivarte tiene una larga trayectoria en la implementación de estrategias de capacitación y formación cuyo objetivo central es que el…
22 Pins
a man standing next to a woman in front of a building with lots of luggage
Patio 2
Escaleras Fondo Jackets
Escaleras Fondo
two women are taking pictures with their cameras
Estudio 3
two women in front of a camera and one woman behind the camera taking a photo
Estudio 2
a woman standing in front of a mirror with lights behind her and another person taking a photo
two women are talking to each other in front of a white building with people standing around
Patio 2
an empty room with several chairs and pictures on the wall behind them in bright colors
Sum 5
a room with chairs, tables and televisions in the corner on the wall behind them
Sum 4
there is a planter on the floor next to some stairs and potted plants
1er Piso
looking up at the sky from inside a building
there are many empty chairs in the room
an empty classroom with chairs and a television on the wall in front of windows that have cartoon images painted on them
the interior of an office with chairs, tables and paintings on the wall behind glass partitions
three red chairs sitting in front of a large fish tank filled with water and plants
an apartment building with stairs leading up to the front door