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Horses, Donkeys, and Mules

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This charming video illustrates one of the most endearing qualities of goats: their love of play. In this case, you’ll see goats playing on a flexible piece of steel ribbon. Your goat herd will be happier and easier to handle if if you supply something for them to play on. www.motherearthnews.com/homesteading-and-livestock/goat-play-video-zbvyz1402zmat https://www.motherearthnews.com/homesteading-and-livestock/goat-play-video-zbvyz1402zmat
Goat kids require a lot of care when they are young. Make sure you know about their feeding, disbudding, supplements for weak kids, and the attention they need before your kids arrive.

Sheep & Goats

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Homegrown hogs can help you make compost and plow new ground — plus, your pastured pork will be some of the best you've ever tasted.
Knowing how to raise pigs begins with background knowledge in the terms used to describe pigs and the various sounds pigs use to communicate.


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Have a cow! Here’s what you need to know to buy and care for a family cow. You’ll have a blast, plus save money on dairy products (and even meat). https://www.motherearthnews.com/homesteading-and-livestock/raising-cattle/family-cow-zmaz10jjzraw https://www.motherearthnews.com/homesteading-and-livestock/raising-cattle/family-cow-zmaz10jjzraw
"Heritage Cattle Breeds" Heritage cattle breeds are valued for their ancestry as well as their distinctive physical traits, which make their meat and milk stand out from conventional cattle products. These in-depth profiles detail the history and characteristics of various heritage cattle breeds. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS


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Sustainable Farming

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This book advocates the acquisition of knowledge to allow its reader to safely identify, harvest, and use common North American plants. Wild plants can provide shelter, material, medicine, and food to help the reader extend stored food as well as create items that may be otherwise unavailable during a crisis.
The almanac is a seasonal guide with subject matter that every passionate DIYer, homesteader or environmentally aware reader appreciates. You'll find recipes, money-saving tips, and homesteading techniques such as illustrated directions for tying a timber hitch, cat's-paw, sheepshank, and other knots; folk medicine treatments and preventatives; tips on raising chickens and keeping bees; plans for building three kinds of kites; complete instructions for fast and easy compost; and much, much more!
Mother Earth News Almanac: A Guide Through the Seasons returns! The 1970s classic has been out of print for years. Now, updated for today's readers and back in print, its information is as useful as ever. It contains instructions and illustrations for everything from harnessing solar energy to cultivating a sustainable garden to learning how to keep bees. Simply put, Mother Earth News Almanac is designed to empower readers to be self-sufficient.

Self Reliance

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Ideal Heavy-Duty Mower for Your Meadow:  Many people mow large areas too often. If you spend less time mowing, you’ll not only save time and gas money, but you’ll also preserve a vastly better habitat for birds, bees and other wildlife. To mow tall grass a couple of times per year, here’s the type of mower you should get. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.
Honest Review of Oregon 40-Volt, Battery-Powered Chainsaw - from MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine
"Homestead Tools Spotlight: Grain Thresher and Cider Press" Thresh wheat efficiently and make some fresh apple cider with the new Sylvan grain thresher and Avalon cider press. Better threshing is afoot! Learn more in this article from MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.

Power Equipment

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Get into Hatching Week with the new Maxi 24 from Brinsea, available in Advance and EX. The popular Maxi II has been redesigned to hold more eggs and be even more flexible. With the innovative mix-and-match egg disk quadrant system you can hatch even more eggs, or hatch eggs of different species at the same time. This pin is sponsored by Brinsea.
Chick Season is around the corner! Give your young flock a feed packed full of the vitamins and minerals they need for healthy growth and sound development! Sponsored by Manna Pro Homestead.
New from Brinsea Products: The bestselling Maxi II incubators have been redesigned! The new Maxi 24 comes with an innovative mix-and-match quadrant system, which allows for hatching flexibility. These quadrants simply clip together and can be mixed and matched. Maxi 24 Advance and EX now available! This pin is sponsored by Brinsea US.


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Better Options for Pet Poop


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How to Raise Honeybees: A Beginner's Guide
Beginning Beekeeping: What You Need to Know to Get Started


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Conserve Water with a rainwater cistern tank and gravity watering system. Read about it in the Homesteading and Livestock Blog from MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.
For those of us concerned with the quality of materials used in many, many "Made in China" goods, or resentful of the number of U.S. jobs lost to overseas sources, Bear and Son Knife company offers a good, homegrown product. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.
Zero-turn mowers are faster and more efficient than other riding mower designs — but how do different models compare? To find out, we assigned 14 riders to evaluate 27 machines. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.

Homesteading - Tools and Equipment

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Livestock play an essential role in creating and maintaining a fertile, functional farm.
6 Methods for Harvesting Rainwater

Homesteading - General

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A Reverse CSA: Turning Unused Land Into Food
Some day I will be so glad I saw this and saved it.... Very helpful!!!
How to Get an Entrance Permit for a Rural Driveway, from MOTHER EARTH NEWS Magazine.

Homesteading - Crops and Land

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Every new farmer should be a dreamer at heart — it’s one of the most beautiful parts of farming. But to nurture your dreams, learn from a teacher who knows the ins and outs of the farming business, and has succeeded.
Military Service to Farmer: Four Skills US Veterans Bring to the Field
The journey toward self-sufficiency is loaded with opportunities for learning – whether you’re raising animals for the first time, figuring out how to grow all the vegetables you need for a year, or deciding whether to install solar panels. But self-sufficiency doesn’t have to mean going it alone.

Homesteading - Be a Farmer

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A heritage livestock breed named for its ability to thrive on rocky terrain, Highland cattle are known by their shaggy mane and for their ability to produce lean, healthy meat off of rough pastures.
Preparing Your Micro Dairy for Winter - From MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine
These grassfed heritage cattle breeds will turn your grazing acres into meat, milk, and money.

Homesteading - Cows

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"The Importance of Minerals in Your Pastured Pigs' Diet" This post highlights the importance of providing the correct minerals in your pastured pigs' diet. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS Magazine
"DIY Pig Trough" This DIY pig trough guide will teach you how to make a nearly indestructible pig feeder. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS
A hog guide, for you to select the best swine for your farm.

Homesteading - Pigs

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The Suffolk is the only draft horse bred for farm work. 1. It has a docile temperament & a willingness to work. 2. The short back & legs give the horse a good build for pulling. 3. Shoulders are upright, positioned for power, not speed. 4. Forearm & thigh muscles are especially long & strong. 5. An efficient keeper does more work on less feed. 6. The smooth coat on the legs doesn't collect dirt & mud. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.
Monty Roberts is known around the world for his non-violent approach to training horses. One of our bloggers asked Monty a few questions on his methods, and why they are so valuable to us.

Homesteading - Horses

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"Goat Packing as a Use for Male Goats" Training wethers to pack can be an option for dairy goat breeders looking for alternatives to less attractive means of dealing with the problem of too many males. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS Blog
"4 Reasons to Drink Goat's Milk" Not many people in our sphere of influence drink goat’s milk so we have a great opportunity to educate those we come in contact with about the benefits. These are our 4 main reasons why we drink goat's milk. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS Magazine
To raise happy, healthy goats, you will need room in your backyard for a goat pen and a goat house, as well as storage space for the goats’ food and other goat-related supplies such as straw. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.

Homesteading - Goats

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Keep Out! The Basics of Trespassing Laws
Guide to the Family Cow
9 Strategies for Self-Sufficient Living

Homesteading - Overig

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Busy Bees - Bee Facts, Anatomy, and Science

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"Unpacking Beehives After Winter" The first warm, sunny day in early spring when the temperature reaches 45° to 50°F (7° to 10°C) is a great time to pay a visit to your apiary.  From MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Busy Bees - Fall and Winter Beekeeping

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"A Year at Bees-of-the-Woods Apiary: August" Honeybees have a number of pests and parasites that can weaken, damage, or even destroy the hive.  This month we will focus on the most common pests in our beeyard, as well as what we do to control them so we have the healthiest hives possible. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS Blog
First Beehive Inspection of Spring - Homesteading and Livestock - MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Busy Bees - Spring and Summer Beekeeping

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