Mamba La Fox

Mamba La Fox

El policía, la histérica, el enfermito, el hongo atómico, la libertad...bien entendida.
Mamba La Fox
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This is a reupholstered vintage chair circa The frame was hand painted in a periwinkle blue and recovered with upholstery grade linen which was then hand painted with a variety of flowers. The chair is covered with pewter studs for a little edge


Bohemian Chic Style are rich in patterned fabrics, colorful walls and have been a decorating style going back to Gypsy culture of the late century and the Bloomsbury Group in the early century in England,

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Gorgeous architectural details in this all white living room ~ oh that ceiling ~ and with the modern furniture it makes it even more stunning. The high gloss white, painted floor is a cool, modern contradiction to that amazing ceiling.