Cortina de flores.

Crochet Curtains For Kids Room - The curtains in a room determine the method by which the room feels and looks. There reall

crochet curtain

crochet curtain, could modify this to make a nice shawl or scarf

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Crochet circle of choice. Fold over and Crochet closure. Crochet or embroider on beak. Run crochet chain or other string through birds and bells to create hanging.


How To Crochet Flower Power Valance

Hermosa cortina

Cortina - I am a sucker for door beads, shells and now crochet - What fun.

La señora Tomasa Tittlemouse: ganchillo Fly-Cortina

In my last post I left you with an unidentified pic as to what was on my hook as my next cheap and cheerful summer-living project. Well, here it is: A crochet fly-curtain! And just as the weather tur

Crochet curtain pattern

Crochet curtain pattern