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two key chains with cartoon characters on them
@fjacrafts on Instagram | animal crossing, deco frame, cute, kawaii, glitter, resin
four keychains with cartoon characters on them
jess 🌿 ₊˚ˑ༄ؘ ♡ (@jeshikos) | Instagram
kawaii keychain, kawaiicore, cutecore, keychain, handmade, beads, stickers, puffy stickers, deco stickers
an assortment of various items on a white sheet, including a cell phone and keychain
Kawaii Tekku (kawaiitekku) - Profile | Pinterest
a key chain with charms attached to it on a white surface and the tag is shaped like an animal
several necklaces are laid out next to each other on a white surface with tags attached
Hello kitty fruits
a colorful flower shaped keychain with a smiley face on it's center
Sunflower Keychain/ Rainbow Flower Keychain/ Hobicore Keychain/ Hobi Flower Keychain