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Image de planet, space, and wallpaper

¡Y si en lugar de planear tanto, voláramos un poco más alto!! #motivación…

Kandəke: More Mafalda


Oh swear not by the moon

Saturno                                                                                                                                                      Más

Saturn and little astronauts iPhone illustration wallpaper

photo manipulations by kim kim

Lots of symbolizm, the fact that his facce is being twisted really shows his distorted self image or state of stress. Black and white adds to make this really dramatic

photo manipulation

It is so awesome to see how photo manipulation can work in a piece. I love how they made the explosion of smoke the same color as the body to really touch on the illusion of the face blowing up. It gives the image and uneasy feeling.


Frida kahlo Kawaii :'v

iPhone wallpaper  Pinterest: HeinekenFrani

iPhone plus nature wallpaper

Resultado de imagen para artsy black and white iphone 5 backgrounds

Astronaut spacesuit, gulf, stars, moon, earth, planets, moon, biking, minimalism iPhone 6 wallpaper - Minimalism iPhone 6 Wallpapers

Astronaut Earth Moon Bicycle iPhone 6 Plus HD Wallpaper