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Change Purse Made in Mexico Embroidered Details by EricaMaree, Handmade item Materials: linen, plastic zipper, leather cord, embroidery thread, LOVE Feedback: 75 reviews Ships worldwide from Mexico

Mexican Embroidered Pouch Lapicero

Change Purse Made in Mexico Embroidered Details - The little sister to the Chantel Wallet. This Mexican embroidered boho pouch showcases simple clean lines with bright happy embroidery threads. Erica Maree delivers a romantic bohemian accessory wi.

'Its whats Inside that Counts' painted/hand embroidered artwork by Liz Payne. @lizlpayne on Instagram

These lovely knobbly painterly marks by Liz Payne, 2014 could be perfectly translated into knobbly textured stains, rips and holes in my stylizations of dirtiness.

French knots. Could also use Chinese knots.

French knots: I remember my Aunt Lucy taught me how to do these knots all over color, high impact, but beginner level.

Almohadones bordados a mano!!!, $290 en

Collection of the most popular bordados images. Latest bordados pictures shared on social media network.