delicioso chesecake sin gluten.........lo puedes creer?

Japanese Cheesecake - looks like pound cake, tastes like cheesecake & gluten free. cups cream cheese unsalted butter 3 egg yolks sugar cornstarch milk 3 egg whites T sugar or 11 tsp cake pan

seguro esta deliciosa forma de hacer manzanas con chocolate no causara desperdicios! yummy!!!

CANDY APPLE SLICES~ 4 large apples red or green, 1 pack of skewer sticks. Wash and cut apples into thick slices. Dip into candy. Great idea for Chocolate Covered apples, Red Candy apples, and Caramel apples!

Vitamin Info Chart

Vitamin chart Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Health category. Check out Vitamin chart now!

Different way to do a sock bun! 1.) Place your hair into a high ponytail 2.) Cut the end of a sock so that you can place out ponytail through it (the bigger the sock, the fuller your bun will be) 3.) Fan your hair out, making sure the sock is covered all around, then put a hair tie over it 4.) Take the remaining hair and split it in half 5.) Braid each side 6...

Another take in the sock bun! Push the sock down to the bottom of the pony tail. Spread the hair out around the sock and secure with an elastic. Braid the remaining hair wrapping it around the bun, pinning it down till its secure.

hermosa forma de agasajar a tus invitados!

Simple Shower Recipes

pasta con ricotta y zucchini.....mmmmm |

Fresh Pasta and Zucchini with Ricotta Salata

15 Minute Meals: Fresh Pasta and Zucchini with Ricotta Salata - Meals - Coastal Living

Holliday Holistic Health: Open faced avocado-caprese sandwich

"Holliday Holistic Health: Open faced avocado-caprese sandwich" - Make sure it's sprouted grain bread, otherwise, it's another dead food made with processed flour.