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a stone path in the middle of a grassy area
Pin by aaa on Pomysły do domu | Lawn and garden, Front yard landscaping design, Outdoor gardens
some rocks stacked on top of each other in the grass
From humble materials... - FineGardening
a potted plant sitting on top of a pile of blocks
Corobrik: DIY Plant Stand Ideas
three clay pots with plants in them
Basil Pruning Tutorial ... Really!
Basil Tutorial
green bushes are growing in the garden
Clovers Garden Boxwood Basil Plant – Two (2) Live Plants – Not Seeds –Each 4"-7"Tall- in 3.5 Inch Pots
Boxwood Basil Plant ..I love my basil plants but they aren't real pretty. Next year, I'm going to try these!
an image of a garden with flowers and plants in the grass, along with a sign that reads northern care services
Nicely defined flower bed. I love the brick edging.
two large potted plants with purple and red flowers
Using that palm is a good idea in a large container ... I'm not sure I would use that deep red plant though , maybe a begonia instead ... I'd have to check to see which houseplants were in stock at the garden center
several pansies and other flowers are in a flower pot
17 Colorful Annual Flower Combinations to Add to Your Garden
'Riviera Midnight' lobelia, "Yellow Frost" viola, white sweet alyssum ~ full sun or partial shade
several pieces of wood that have been carved to look like branches with words on them
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TWIG Garden Markers would be so easy to make using stamps or permanent markers Here they are sold for Twenty dollars for a set of 5, via Etsy. Just do yard clean up for less! :)
an iphone with a garden design on the screen
Gardening by the App (Published 2012)
Gardening by the App via the New York Times - This article reviews some of the most popular iOS and Android gardening apps. Given all of the research and effort that goes into gardening, the right gardening app can provide an all-in-one solution to simplify your efforts.
colorful flowers are growing in a wheelbarrow
Sarah Raven - All you need for a beautiful & productive garden
Argyranthemum and Lavender: Contains: 5 Argyranthemum 'Cherry Red' - flowers continually for at least four months on minimal TLC, a very pretty pink red. 2 Lavender 'Hidcote Blue' - is the most floriferous of the compact lavenders, with purple-blue flowers. An incredibly reliable plant. (Lavender Pink Marguerite Daisy Chain. Argyranthemum Frutescens)