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Over 1400 free crochet motif----afghan squares, coasters, snowflakes, doilies, triangles stitch chart diagram patterns.

Renovarte es vivir! una nueva colección de puntos o puntadas para tejer con crochet, con sus respectivas muestras y esquemas para que pueda...

Las mejores puntadas crochet para tu colección * 25 motivos *

Best crochet stitches for your collection * 25 * ~ reasons for Crochet Patterns


Reminds me of little lace pineapples :) This site has lots of knit and crochet stitch patterns.Dalla Russia decine di schemi molto belli e utili!

crochet stitch

Pineapple diagram with the repeat highlighted - I often struggle to keep multiple pineapple motifs correct, so this gives me a better chance!

crochet top diagram

crochet baby dress, crochet pattern crochet diagram for top crochet from belt up to shoulder crochet bottom &nb