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Mora Maglia

Mora Maglia
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Criaturas de la orden Coleoptera-vintage inspiraron poster de ciencia por Kelsey Oseid

"Creatures of the order Coleoptera," Art print of an illustration by Kelsey Oseid. This poster chronicles 31 beetles from the vast insect order, Coleoptera. Printed in Minneapolis on acid free 80 cover. Packaged rolled with

“Tempest” by John Larriva.

And sometimes I expect things to be different. I expect things to improve. To stop biting my nails and forgetting to blow out the candles. I expect things to be different just because I go somewhere different.

Niña peruana con 2 llamas. Acuarela - Watercolor by Isabel Mariasg.

Me encantó el colorido del traje de la niña y la ternura de las 2 llamas… Peruvian girl with 2 llamas. I loved the colorful costume of the girl and the tenderness of the 2 llamas…

Davide Cambria, Nobody Lost, Nobody Found, Oil on canvas | 50x70CM

"Nobody Lost, Nobody Found," original portrait painting by artist Davide Cambria (Italy) available at Saatchi Art the roughness and unfinished look helps convey the varying emotions they are going through and struggling to maintain