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an assortment of crafting materials with text overlay that reads, ` `'sensory board with interchangeable tiles
DIY Sensory Board with Removable Cardboard Tiles & 24 Sensory Board Ideas
Crafting a captivating DIY sensory board out of simple cardboard and changeable cardboard tiles! We'll show you our creation process so that you can create your own sensory board. We also show you 24 ideas for sensory items to put on your board, offering an array of textures, shapes, and sizes that children can explore by touch. This hands-on project is not only fun to make but also perfect for engaging children's senses and promoting tactile exploration.
DIY Amazing Room Decor with CD - Wall Hanging - Cd Recycle
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paper plates are sitting on a wooden table with paint and crafting supplies around them
Cardboard Rainbow Collage
the garden hunt badges are laid out on the grass
Outdoor scavenger hunt, garden nature walk, nature treasure hunt, garden bingo, eye spy, minibeast trail, EYFS resources, wooden toys
A set of fabulous wooden outdoor scavenger hunt tiles featuring all the common insects and things you will have in your garden. Each picture is handpainted on a solid wooden disc, in lovely bright colours and sealed with a hard-wearing sealer. Each disc is approximately 5cm wide and 2mm thick. All presented in a drawstring jute bag. A fun game for old and young when playing outside. This allows children the time to explore whilst looking for the items on the discs. The reverse of each disc als