Compartimiento secreto en la mesita de noche... Muy buena idea!!!!

Secret Compartment Nightstand Sliding Top Secret Compartment Nightstand – StashVault// good place to hide a gun

36 compartimientos ocultos

Bedpost hidden compartment, always looking for ideas for hidden compartments! 'Cause I need to build in hidden compartments in the toy boxes.

Mesa hecha a mano brazo resto con ranura de almacenamiento laterales para revistas. La adición perfecta a un sofá en cualquier casa, apartamento,

Simply Awesome Couch Sofa Arm Rest Wrap Tray Table with Side Storage Slot (Custom Fixed Width) by KeoDecor on Etsy


The Kong Coffee table is created from a one-of-a-kind hardwood slab set on a frame of four x steel boxes with a blackened or powder coated finish. Our large wood slabs are locally milled and dried and come from sustainably harvested trees

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Look at these lovely vintage hallway designs. If you have doubts about the design in the hallway s

Handgun safe - Would love to have this one day

(CW) very smart The OnionSafe: A Concealed Handgun Lockbox and a Safe In A Night Stand