Compartimiento secreto en la mesita de noche... Muy buena idea!!!!

Secret Compartment Nightstand Sliding Top Secret Compartment Nightstand - would be a great bedside table for security!

36 compartimientos ocultos

Bedpost hidden compartment, always looking for ideas for hidden compartments! 'Cause I need to build in hidden compartments in the toy boxes.

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Sencilla, moderna y ¡espectacular!


The Kong Coffee table is created from a one-of-a-kind hardwood slab set on a frame of four x steel boxes with a blackened or powder coated finish. Our large wood slabs are locally milled and dried and come from sustainably harvested trees

perchero recibidor con banco

RH& Coat Rack Bench with a slatted wood seat and topped by a row of iron hooks, our bench keeps coats, hats, leashes and handbags at the ready, while providing a convenient spot to sit. A low shelf provides storage for shoes and other items.

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