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a person holding up a piece of paper with stickers on it
CD The Neighbourhood I love you Album
a person holding up a radio head sticker
there is a black and white sticker on the side of a wall that has various magnets attached to it
Sin internet
a white disc with black and red designs on it that says bones & demonss
Angels😇 and demons😈
a glass disk with blue and white designs on it
upcycled cd disc
a black cat sitting on top of a yellow crescent shaped paper cutout in the shape of a moon
there are many different types of buttons hanging on the wall with yin - yang symbols
Cds pintados
a black and white cow print coaster sitting on top of a table
a person holding up a black and white cake with flames on it's face
Cd's aesthetic ⛓️
idea de cd's fire 🔥
a person holding up a yellow and black radioactive disk with a red button on it