Barco pirata con corcho

Easy (Pirate) Cork Boats

DIY (Pirate) Cork Boats - Great For The Kids . these little cork boats are super quick to make (takes minutes) and float REALLY well.

JUego para fiesta pirata: Atrapa el Pretzel con el garfio!

Magical Peter Pan and Neverland Birthday Party

Vildt genial...

Pirate Ball Toss Game

Teri Smyth made this great Pirate Ball Toss Game for her daughter& birthday party last year. You& find step by step instructions to make your own.

Mit Gold gefüllte Piratenschatzkiste. Tolle, einfache Idee.

Pirates Birthday Party Ideas

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Babybel Pirates - pirate party food

party food: Babybel Pirates How stinkin' cute are these? Made these for a pirate themed meeting tonight. We did these, the spinach "seaweed" dip with "sea biscuit" bread slices, chocolate d

piñata pirata

Pirate Party Games: The Pirate Punch Box

The Pirate Punch Box Party Game is a great idea if you are looking for DIY party games for your favorite little landlubbers birthday party. The kids will love this fun pirate party game.

Pirate Party Games on Love The Day

Pirate Party Ideas on

Do you have a little buccaneer? Throw him or her the ultimate matey bash with these DIY Pirate Party Ideas.

Must complete different tasks to receive parts of a pirate outfit/pirate gear

Must complete different tasks to receive parts of a pirate outfit/pirate gear. Or pirate temp tattoos? For guests to our camp?

Give each person 5 seconds to scoop as many goodies out of the "lagoon" as possible

Games & Goodies Ideas for a Kid's Pirate Party

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I personally like the cannon ball blast game

Pirate Games: Cannonball Blast: we tried to pop everyone else’s balloon. Cannonball Attack Cannonball Blast: they had 1 minute to throw as many paper cannonballs onto the other “ship” as possible.