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an old poster advertising a race car
Ancienne affiche publicitaire 1934 de Plinio Codognato faisant la promotion du Grand Prix d'Italie à Monza le 9 septembre 1934. • Découvrez des millions d'œuvres originales, imaginées par des artistes indépendants.
an old poster with a man driving a red car in the middle of it's wheels
Romano di Massa (1889-1985) , CIRCUITO DI MILANO | Christie's
an old advertisement for the monte carlo car company, which is being used as a promotional ad
1937 Delahaye
an advertisement for a racing car on the cover of a magazine, featuring a man working on
an old advertisement for the delage automobile, with two men standing on top of it
Delage 1939 Agostini Skiing — Automobiles — Advertisement
French Automobile Adverts (1-2) — Recent additions
an art deco poster depicting a woman sitting on top of a car with wings flying over it
Automotive Art - part 5
c1929 Dunlop Tyres (Malcolm Cambell's Bluebird)
an old advertisement from the 1950's shows a red car in front of a tall building
Maroc, 1935
an advertisement for the salon international de l'automobile et cyclique, featuring a horse
Automotive Art - part 5
an old poster advertising a car - bloc and clout sur plage
1934 Ca-bloc - Leonetto Cappiello
1934 Ca-bloc - Leonetto Cappiello
an old poster advertising a car driving through the mountains
Buchet Billancourt, 1930, anon
an advertisement for a car with the number seventy on it