Lilyhammer. Starring Little Stevie van Zantd (sp?) as "Frankie the Fixer" who picks Lillyhammer as his relocation after a deal with the FBI because he liked the way it looked during the '94 Olympic games. Tongue-in-cheek mobster-style hi-jinx ensue in this squeaky clean Norwegian town.

"We caught everybody by surprise. But now we're going to actually deliver on the promise of that first season," Steven Van Zandt says of "Lilyhammer" Season

merlí tv3

merlí tv3

Lilyhammer is the first original series from Netflix. This show is hilarious!

Lilyhammer is a Norwegian-American television series, starring Steve Van Zandt, about a New York gangster trying to start a new life in far away Lillehammer in Norway.

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Season Info Lilyhammer ...2012 TV Series In this first original series from Netflix, New York Mafia boss Frank "The Fixer" Tagliano ( Steven Van Zandt ) testifies against his associates and is relocated with a brand new identity to Lillehammer in Norway, where 'cultural differences' soon become apparent. In the rural town, he befriends a teacher named Sigrid ( Marian Saastad Ottesen ), and while their relationship develops, she grows suspicious of his secrets.

Season Info Lilyhammer TV Series In this first original series from…