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a girl with long black hair is looking at her phone
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the only happy part of this movie was that he lived on his bed with me
Justice for felix and venetia☹️
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Jacob Elordi as Felix in Saltburn film 2023 #jacobelordi #saltburn #films #fashion #sofrcore #moodboard #badass #whisper #quotes #coquettequotes #mywhisper
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it hurts for like the entire day
a bowl full of blueberries sitting on top of a table
fresh bowl of clean seedless grapes gon do it every time 😍😍
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the words worst feeling is needed to poop after you took a shower on top of a shelf
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the feeling after your package arrives > >
a skeleton sitting at a desk with the words posture reveal
relatable whispers. (mine don't repost)
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like frrr,who do you think you are to say that???