Etiquetas Frascos Botellas Transparentes X12 Unid 8x8.5 Cm - $ 90,00

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para decorar la mesa

or instead of the doorway arch we could do rainbow coloured helium balloons tied in an arch on the terrace

Party Pretty: Creative Rainbow party favor

Made with love by Agus Y: Favour Idea - cute and inexpensive! Could make them in the wedding colors and leave them on the tables


Goodie bags and rainbow mobiles for the kids to take home. Make everyone dress colorful or in one color (even better) to make their own rainbow. Have layered jelly beans, big spirally lollypops each with many colors, rainb

Frascos Con Frases Y Sorbete ! - $ 30,00 en MercadoLibre

Souvenir Frascos Con Frase Horneadas Y Sorbetes A Elección

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