Maybe a little less pink! Chris might not like it. Candybar Inspirationen von zuckermonarchie

Candybar Inspirationen von Zuckermonarchie

Love the color scheme for a girl's birthday party or even a baby shower. Candybar Inspirationen von zuckermonarchie by longlong

pistas para organizar una fiesta de cumpleaños infantil : nice party clara

Bienvenido a mi fiesta

sweet-table-primers-comunion-boda-bautizo-fiesta Can just use the Tulip Tags as Candy/Pop corn Tags

buena idea para realizar centros o estaciones de dulces para una fiesta infantil, despedidas, y otras celebraciones.

DIY Plastic Bottle Candy Stand or could be used for craft supplies, jewelry, makeup, office supplies etc

Use fireplace lift as an out of way area to display lg decor or set up a small table ..and its out of the way

Vintage Rose + Little Birdie Themed Birthday Party

Vintage Rose + Little Birdie Themed Birthday Party with gorgeous floral cupcakes, adorable blue birdie cookies, and a vintage dresser dessert table!

Hot Air Balloon Dessert Table Parties for Kids

Up Up and Away Guest Dessert Feature

Hot Air Balloon Themed Birthday by Peace of Cake / Little Big Company ~ Love the cloud/rainbow design

Hermosa decoración para una fiesta de hadas :: Beautiful set up for a fairy themed birthday party

'Enchanted Garden Fairy Party' Birthday Party Ideas

I would like to have an enchanted fairy garden party. There is something so fantastically magical about a garden filled with little fairies and butterflies floating a…