awesome first year canvas idea

baby's first year canvas. one large image, lots of small squared images mod-podged onto a canvas.

Handprint Wall Art - good canvas idea

Handprint Canvas Kit DIY -purchase 10 X 10 canvases and paint to match room colors -Either hang them all up and only do 1 baby/child hand print each year or do 1 print for Mom, 1 print for Dad, and 2 prints for kids

Rainbow of scrap paper on canvas - What a great idea that was executed excellently!

beautiful art - cotton artist canvas, quilting fabric, acrylic paint, sand paste for texture; could use paper instead of fabric too, or paint chip samples.

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Canvas ideas: how pretty! i'd love to do one with each of the seasons on them

Arts and Crafts Tree Design. Glue real sticks onto canvas, then glue/modge podge fun things for leaves.

Buddha Picture On Canvas,

Buddha Picture On Canvas,

mystic canvas print gold buddha / stretched canvas by mysticdukkan, $85.00

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Antique buddha canvas

A serene interpretation of Buddha, painted by hand onto canvas using mixed media and slight moulding effect. The attention to detail includes touches of silver paint to reflect the traditional offering to Buddha images in temples.

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