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We covered our old tile with pole wrap and still love it #bathroomdesign  #homerenovation #bathroom
We covered our old tile with pole wrap and still love it #bathroomdesign #homerenovation #bathroom
Accent walls 🥰
1. Pre paint wall • 2. Measure twice • Pages • Next • 3. Prep slats • 4. Use level • 5. Scrap wood spacer • 6. Brad nailer • 7. Sandable Spad • 8. 100 grit sand paper • 9. Touch up
Kreg rip cut - MY SECRETS 🤫👇🏼 I have been dreaming of a DIY wooden slat accent wall for sooooo long but was super intimidated by two things... • 1. the price of wood 🤮 2. using/paying for a table saw 😅 Soo.... I finally looked up some alternatives and I was able to do it CHEAPER & EASIER than I ever could’ve imagined! And I did it ALL MYSELF... Like alone!!! Just me!!! 😎😎 Here are my hacks👇🏼 + I bought two 4x8’ 1/2” birch plywood sheets from @homedepot . They were $68 a piece! I had them cut the sheets in half so they would fit in my car (it was still a tight fit). The expensive alternative would’ve been to buy 8 foot 1x2’s or 1x1’s, which can range from $3-7 dollars a piece. Now multiply that by 70..... EW 🥴 • + I ordered a @kregjig Rip Cut circul
a cat is sitting on the edge of a wooden table that has been made out of plywood
Fluted Panels | Wall paneling, Home interior design, House interior
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