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a blue and white drawing of food items
Bocadillos de diseño: Liani Douglas, Benjamin Fainlight, George Gibbens, Hana Kim…
Bocadillos de diseño: Liani Douglas, Benjamin Fainlight, George Gibbens, Hana Kim… | Experimenta
a group of colorful lights hanging from the side of a street next to a sidewalk
Linternas (Istambul)
there are many crafting supplies in the cup on this tablecloth covered trays
Vintage Inspired
tin cans
an image of a sewing room with lots of yarn
Before and After: The Novogratzes Make Over Ree Drummond's Kids' Bedroom
Awesome craft space
a white bookcase filled with lots of boxes and baskets next to a black table
My Scrap Space: Bookcase
Craft Room
the shelves are filled with many different types of crafting supplies
Sew Many Ways...
two years' of post in and i can't stop reading. this woman is the queen of crafty, super cheap, easy, brilliant organization ideas. (Sew Many Ways)
a pink store front with mannequins in the window
France, of course
a store front with flowers and hearts on the window sill, next to a bench
entrata negozio
there are many pictures and frames on the table
* Schlaflos in NRW *
You have to see this blog ~ her work space is to die for!
a desk with lots of crafting supplies sitting on it's top and the words craft rooms above it
Hammers and High Heels
a closet filled with lots of shoes next to a striped chair and suitcase on top of a hard wood floor
green dishes are stacked on top of each other in a cabinet with plates and cups
Good To Be Queen According To Me
a display case filled with lots of blue and white plates on top of wooden shelves
wonderful vintage collection
an assortment of jewelry is on display in a case, with dolls and figurines
Alameda Treasures
some pink roses and teapots are in small boxes with lace on the edges
happy day out
the shelves are filled with china and dishes
shopping in nyc: fishs eddy
Transfer ware
an old fashion store with antique furniture and decor
red and white china on display in a cabinet
Red transferware
Beautiful red transferware!
a room filled with lots of different types of sewing and crafting supplies on shelves
My Craft Room
candy store!