X ღɱɧღ ⊰✿ garoopatternandcolour: “ Pashtun Small Decorative Toran ”

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Crochet circle of choice. Fold over and Crochet closure. Crochet or embroider on beak. Run crochet chain or other string through birds and bells to create hanging. / Фото #26 - Разобрать - arine2208

Macramé Knot Tassel Cut twine lengths, group twine, create knot, pull knot in neatly, bind to finish tassel!

Trimmings - Tiebacks - Braids - Bullion's - Tassels and more...

-Trimmings - Tiebacks - Braids - Bullion's - Tassels and more.

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Haywoods Trimmings was founded in employing a small group of weavers and tassel makers highly skilled in the reproduction of traditional and historical passementerie.

a-l-ancien-regime: “Detail, Cabinet of the Meridian. Versailles the private apartments of Marie-Antoinette ”

Window treatment details from the Cabinet de la Méridienne, one of the private apartments of Marie Antoinette at the Palace of Versailles in Versailles, France Photography by: Thomas GarnierImage