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valentine's cards for students and teachers to print or e - mail with the text,
✨ Purr-Fect Valentine's Day Cards for Teachers & Students ✨
Cute Valentine Cards to deliver during your Valentine Exchange or to send by email to your students. Simply print on card stock, cut and you're ready to go! You get what's on the preview. 4 different cards which have the same saying "You're a Purr-Fect Valentine" The set prints 4 to a page but you can adjust your print settings if you need more per page.
the cd cover for jolly songs in print letters with an image of a piano and mouse
FREE- Jolly Songs
a colorful wheel with the words play written in different languages and colors on each side
FREE- Online Spinner
We are so happy to announce that this EDITABLE, colorful and fun name picker/spinner is now avaialable in our website! we had it made just for our users 💜 With this spinner you can: - Select random names or groups for your online activities - Select words to play bingo with your Sts. - Pick a winner for a raffle or prize - Etc. - Etc. We hope that you have fun with your students using this spinner!
6 Fillable Good Job certificates - Snoopy themed
6 Fillable Good Job certificates - Snoopy themed
6 Fillable Good Job certificates - Snoopy themed
6 Fillable Good Job certificates - Snoopy themed
6 Fillable Good Job certificates - Snoopy themed
6 Fillable Good Job certificates - Snoopy themed
This is a great way to tell your students that they've done a Good Job. As it is fillable, you can fill in the lines according to your needs.
a to z to mindfulness posters with animals and words on them, including the names
A-Z to Mindfulness with matching ABC animals POSTERS
This product includes 2 posters (color + B&W)
a pink poster with two children on roller skates in front of stars and the words, spanish all about me pennant banner
Spanish All About Me Pennant Banner
an american independence day activity pack with pictures and text on red, white and blue background
Independence Day Bundle
This Bundle Includes 9 Activities: -Printable of the Pledge of Allegiance & Recording Sheet for students to write out the Pledge (Handwriting Practice) -Venn diagram comparing Independence Day with Flag Day Writing Prompts: -Ways to Show I'm a Proud American -What I Learned about Independence Day -Why I'm Proud to Be an American -How I Will Celebrate Independence Day -What the Pledge of Allegiance Means to Me -4th of July WordSearch (22 words included)
spelling bee certificates with colorful ribbons
5 Spelling Bee Certificates Pack - For ALL participants- Fillable
Here is a set of certificates that can be presented to every student in the Spelling Bee. Included in this set you will find 5 unique Spelling Bee Award Certificates: You will receive: • Participant Certificate • Champion Winner Certificate • 1st Place Winner Certificate • 2nd Place Winner Certificate • 3rd Place Winner Certificate No student will be left out! They will each receive a certificate for their efforts.
editable happy children's day signs with the words happy children's day
EDITABLE- 4 fun and colorful Children's day cards
This set includes 4 children's day cars. You can add your name and the name of your student's to these fun and colorful cards. IMPORTANT: It's a powerpoint in which you can edit or remove: Dear... and Mrs....
a poster with the words and pictures on it that describe how to teach turtley
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FREE- This super cute poster can be used in your writing center. It will help your students to see how to write more complete sentence and guide them through the process.
harry potter movie posters are shown here in this collage from the movies that were released on dvd and blu - ray
FREE- Movie Worksheets & Activities - Harry Potter