¿mito o leyenda?  ambos vivos pero muy lejos de la realidad que puede obsequiar el recuerdo de esta imagen.  Skay & Indio Solari ... Juntos

Skay, una vuelta de Los Redondos "sería una transgresi - Noticias

My Guitar Blusera: Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin and a double neck guitar. Really cool in a weird, don't know if i would actually play one sort of way. There is a lot of band in this world, but Led Zeppelin is probably the best.

pity alvarez playboy - Buscar con Google

pity alvarez playboy - Buscar con Google

Miguel Francolini's Blog: The Slider

Robert Plant - Smexy Eyes Photo: My favorite pic of Robbie. This Photo was uploaded by kemahwest