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a statue in the middle of a grassy area
Buddha Park, Vientiane
#Budha Park, Laos
the sun is setting over the water and some boats are out on the water in front of it
Exhibition: Cropped for Pinterest
#Sydney, Australia ~ Trey Ratcliff
an image of a clock tower in the snow at sun gazing's post, taken on instagram
Watertower Place, #Chicago, Illinois
tables and chairs are lined up on the side walk in front of an old building
Street Cafe Bistro - Quartier-Latin, #Paris
the words never stop dreaming are in front of an image of a cityscape
San Francisco California USA #Alcatraz
a wooden bridge that is in the middle of some grass and trees with yellow leaves on it
Printing & Framing - Ken Duncan
Omeo, Victoria, Australia
an arch shaped rock formation in the desert with people standing under it and clouds overhead
Corona Arch - Moab
Corona Arch near Moab, #Utah. Beautiful hike.
several people are swimming in the water near some rocks
Floating to the Sea, Papafragas, Milos, #Greece
a man riding a bike over a wooden bridge in the woods with text reading hiking and biking
Copper Harbor, Michigan, bike trail
an empty road in the desert with mountains in the background
Trendy Traveler
#arizona usa