Patricio Rey y sus redonditos de ricota.

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a person holding up a drink in front of a sign that reads en est edia y cada dia
a girl holding a green flower in front of her face with the words sustena surete y mas que on it
Spanish Quotes, Music, Rock Roll, Rock N Roll, Rooster
a black and white photo with the words ingeniosa odiosa sempre fielu
a black and white photo with the words, you've me call del cieloo
the cover for ingeniosa odiasa sempre fiel, with an image of a crown on it
a red water bottle next to a brown carafe with a yellow crown on it
a poster with the words in spanish and english
an image of a magazine cover with a devil face
a poster with the words on it and an image of a woman's lips
a man in a tuxedo holding his hands up to the sky with stars and planets above him