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paper - G O O D F R I D A Y :: Every sin has been paid for, every evil deed judged, and the full and total price of our redemption purchased at the cross.

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On Friday a thief On Sunday a king Laid down in grief But woke with the keys Of hell on that day The first born of the slain The man Jesus Christ laid Death in his grave.

It is finished... . . . Easter is such an amazing time of year! It brings to mind the death of my Savior and everything he has done for the world. Keep his crucifixion, resurrection, and offer of salvation in mind this Easter season and all other times of life. It truly will be the only thing that matters in this life and the one to come. . . . . . . #watercolor #painting #pen #drawing #art #artist #artwork #gallery #god #scripture #bible #christian #jesus #resurrection #crucifixion…

Watercolor of the crown of thorns Jesus wore when crucified. The scripture from John "it is finished" is written in the middle of the crown in pen.

Psalm 94:19

When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought you to my soul.