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miraculous ladybug (@Nicole06882881) | Twitter/ las ladybugs antiguas y la moderna

What I got done in my Ladybug picture on the stream before I had to stop to let my arm rest. Still trying to figure out how to paint it. Was in the process of color blocking. Ladybug/Mari and some of the known Ladybugs of the past! All Ladybugs.

I LOVE THIS!!!! All of the miraculous together!!! Yes!!

The part that really stands out to me is the volpina necklace is surroundung the earrings and ring we konw that Alya is Vlopina and one of the biggest Adrinette shippers in series just something to think about

Paren todo! , saben que hora es?! HORA DE LAS TEORIAS LOCAS SIN SENTIDO!!

Is this Adrien's mom? I mean in that save behind the painting of Adrien's mom there's the Peacock miraculous?

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