Mandalas-colores y significado

Mandalas speak to the soul. They are art, yet they are more than art, the same way we are each our selves, and yet we … I think these would make lovely tattoos.

paso 1: retirar la pelicula impresa del los cd 2: pegar con cinta sobre el diseño  3: delinear con bordado liquido 4: con pincel y pintura para vitrales colorear los espacios 5: dejar secar perforar y armar tantos como desees para colgar ;)

creative using CD discs, can also glue beading etc create your own art work.

ribbon lace drawings | Henna Flowers Paisley Pattern Tattoo Designs

stock vector : Henna Flowers and Paisley Mehndi Tattoo Doodles Set- Abstract Floral Vector Illustration Design Elements