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#wattpad #de-todo ¡Hola! Aquí con este libro para ayudarlos con las fotos para sus portadas. Las fotos no son mías, son obtenidas del internet. No es necesario dar créditos, lo único que pido es que cuando hagan una portada con alguna foto de aquí me la envíen por Twitter para ver cómo les quedó. Por aquí les dejo...

Fotos Para Portadas - 90.

Lashes & leather jackets Happy birthday to my friend so glad I met you & have had the opportunity to shoot w/ you many times. Cheers to more shoots & more good times! by elizabethwheeland



BE DIFFERENT T-Shirt ha, i sure try to be. Dang, i need this shirt to wear around some people lol

12 Sweatshirts You Need to Cozy Up In

12 Sweatshirts You Need To Cozy Up In

Sweatshirts have become a weekly wardrobe staple of mine lately. Mostly because the studio feels like its degrees now that it’s cooled down. (FYI I know it’s not cold in LA but it’s actually frigi(Diy Ropa Sueter)

Patchwork Print Sweatshirt

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