Michel Sama is a graphic artist from Barcelona, who has lived and worked in a small mountain town for more than two decades. His recent work focuses on inner experiences and exploration. In his drawings he creates cartoons, landscapes and objects often inspired by pataphysics, inner alchemy and zen buddhism. Sometimes grotesque, sometimes beautiful, his creations are representative of a restless mind searching for peacefulness.
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Eadem Mutata Resurgo

Eadem Mutata Resurgo

Mice and fireflies Ink and watercolor painting. Michel Sama 2013

Mice and fireflies Ink and watercolor painting.

Gaki  90cm x 35cm Ink painting Michel Sama (Winter 2012)

Gaki x Ink painting Michel Sama (Winter

Rosa Mundi 60cm x 74cm Water, ink and found object. Michel Sama (Summer 2013)

Rosa Mundi x Water, ink and found object.

Madrugada Eterna 60cm x 37,5 cm Ink painting. Michel Sama (Winter 2013)

Madrugada Eterna x cm Ink painting.

Portrait 2001

Portrait 2001

Self  (2012)

Self (2012)

Hundun  2013  40cm x 40cm

Hundun 2013 x

Soanka 50cm x 31cm Ink painting. Michel Sama Summer 2013

Soanka x Ink painting.

Kabuki 40cm x 50cm Michel Sama (Summer 2013)

Kabuki x Michel Sama (Summer