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a book cover with the title line drawing basics
Line Drawing Basics — Carrie L. Lewis, Artist
Line Drawing Basics
a pencil drawing of a tree trunk
How to Draw - 100 Step by Step Tutorials for Easy Drawing Ideas
100 How To Draw Tutorials - Draw Trees with Pencil - Eyes, Hair, Face, Lips, People, Animals, Hands - Step by Step Drawing Tutorial for Beginners - Free Easy Lessons
two book covers with drawings on them and the title drawing portraits in front of it
Portraits: Proportions of the Face - The Arty Teacher
Teach the proportions of the face with this easy-to-follow worksheet that clearly shows how a ‘standard face’ is divided up. Essential for portrait units of work. Your students can work directly on the blank grid, which has all the lines in place, allowing them to concentrate on drawing – or if you want them to draw …
the arty teacher's guide to drawing portraits for children and adults, with instructions on
Drawing Portraits
Proportions of the face. This is an excellent resource for teaching students about the proportions of the face. An essential resource for art teachers.
three different types of eyes are shown in this drawing
How to Draw Faces For Beginners |
eyes tutorial
a hand holding a pencil over a notebook with the title 5 essential sketching tips for beginners
5 Essential Sketching Tips for Beginner Artists
In this post, I share five useful sketching tips for beginner artists. How to sketch tips. Drawing for beginners.
a pug dog with the words how to draw a dog portrait
How to Draw a Pug Portrait in Pastel
Learn how to draw dogs in this pastel drawing tutorial. Learn how to draw hair, eyes, nose ears and more...