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the icon shows an arrow pointing to the left, and two different icons with long shadow
Rise Alarm Clock App Icon
an alarm clock icon in four different colors on a white background with additional icons below
bubaone Stock Image and Video Portfolio
Alarm Clock Icon Flat Graphic Design vector art illustration
an orange background with a clock icon on the left and right hand side of the image
Online Stopwatch - easy to use
Online stopwatch with split timer - good for small running events timing
the stopwatch icon is shown in blue and gray colors with long shadow on white background
Stopwatch - Material Design Icon
Stopwatch - Material Design Icon
the digital clock is displayed in blue
Night Stand Clock for Windows Phone 7
an alarm clock displaying the time in blue and orange on a dark background with space for text
Alarm Clock interface
Alarm Clock interface by Vasili Tkach
a close up of a remote control on a blue and purple background with the words sekex
Exo Media Player Final
Dribbble - Exo Media Player Final by The Skins Factory
a digital clock with the time displayed on it's display panel, and an arrow pointing to the left
The Skins Factory / Projects / EXOPC User Interface Design
an image of the back side of a computer screen with numbers and symbols on it
Speed Test App
Showcase and discover creative work on the world's leading online platform for creative industries.
a white clock with the time on it's face and numbers in front of it
Finde das richtige smarte Setup für deine Heizung | tado°
#IoT: tado° Thermostat | #nest #InternetofThings #smarthome
an app icon with a clock in the center and color wheel on the bottom right hand corner
Temp Clock Icon
Temp Clock Icon
a white clock on a green background with long shadow in the middle and red hands
Design Trend: Long Shadows - Designmodo
A new trend is making its way through cyberspace – long shadow design. The concept, which borrows themes from flat design, is popping up in a big way in recent weeks.
an app icon with the time 8 24
Wake Alarm icon
Dribbble - Wake Alarm icon by tiny hearts
TallyCounter icon process #Apps #Icon - TallyCounter icon process by The Funtasty
an app icon with the word drop on it
Drop Ios
Drop Ios by Mateusz Jurkiewicz
an apple watch is shown with the time displayed
Interval Timer Concept
Interval Timer Concept by Tristan Parker
Timer App Concept for the Apple Watch Iphone, Timer App, Smart
Timer App Concept for the Apple Watch
Timer App Concept for the Apple Watch
an apple watch with the time displayed on it's screen and text below that reads stop
Boiled Egg Timer Apple Watch UI
an apple watch showing the time on its screen and how to set it up for running
Apple Watch UI
a thermostaer showing twenty five minutes remaining
Day 020 - Thermostat Widget
Welcome to Daily UI Elements for 100 days straight (including weekends and holidays). This is day 020. My challenge for today is a Thermostat Widget. I invite you all to rebound this shot and c...
a purple and yellow circle with a white clock in the center on a dark background
timer icon
timer icon
a red clock with white face and black hands
Just Another Clock
The use of space for this design is very effective. The design overall is very clean and realistic. Shapes are easy to understand and the colors are limited yet complement each other.
an alarm clock with two green bells on the top and bottom of it's face
UpLabs 👑 on Twitter
@MaterialUp : Amdroid Icon Icon by @SamyMarBoyTonny
the stopwatch icon is shown in blue and gray colors with long shadow on white background
Stopwatch - Material Design Icon
Stopwatch - Material Design Icon
an alarm clock with the time left on it's face and numbers displayed below
clock1.png by Tian
시계와 알람을 설정해주는 ui로 반구형태의 조작플레이로 사용의 재미성을 높인게 눈에 띈다.
the alarm clock app on an iphone
Alarm Clock
Alarm Clock – iOSUp
four different screens showing the time and location of each phone's clock, including 2 minutes remaining
UI Bits: Start Alarm Clock by Tack
Start is a flat ui, gestured based alarm clock and stopwatch app by Tack Mobile.
a clock with two forks sticking out of it
Stopwatch Timer+ 1.28 APK
Stopwatch Timer 1.28 APK applications tools
the timer app on an iphone
Welcome to nginx!
Anywake is a new app that lets you wake up in different places every morning. The alarm will sound from a different city and if you guess it right you get a discounted flight to that destination! Nice idea.
four stopwatchs with different time zones on blue background - miscellaneous objects / business conceptual
Stopwatch Set
Stopwatch Set