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a skeleton sitting on top of a tray with candles
a hand holding up a decorative plate with flowers on the outside and an oven in the middle
NEW! Fall Folk Collection – corinne-lent
a small pink shelf with a candle and other items in it on a white wall
Classic Wall Altar With Beads Pink Red Gold
This handmade altar has a wonderful classic appearance and it looks like a small fairytale item on your wall! The wall altar has enough space for a small candle (only on batteries) or a small statue.
a candle is lit in a white wall mounted niche with flowers on it and leaves
a candle that is sitting on top of a plate with an eye and a stick sticking out of it
Laurie Melia Ceramics
five pink vases with flowers in them
two people holding candles in their hands with one candle shaped like a cat and the other as a dog
From Iceland — The Reykjavík Grapevine Design Awards 2014
a person holding a pink skull shaped makeup brush holder with brushes in it's mouth
40+ Genius Makeup Organization Ideas
40+ Genius Makeup Organization Ideas
there is a white vase that has some candles in it and two brown feathers are on the table